6x Crivit NW Asphalt Pads 2017

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6x Crivit NW Asphalt Pads 2017

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Distinctive, shock-absorbing asphalt pads for the latest generation Crivit Nordic Walking poles, IAN 282089. Pads are suitable for all pole sizes 110, 115, 120 and 125 cm. The pads are made of anti-slip TPR plastic to protect the metal points. For smooth surfaces such as roads, asphalt, or stone. The point is directed backwards to push off.

To extend the point slide the sleeve upwards. Turn the sleeve to the right in order to fix the point. To retract the point again turn the sleeve to the left and push the sleeve downwards. To change the asphalt pad extend the point and pull the asphalt pad off.

Note: the point must be retracted during transport with the asphalt pad attached. 

Enjoy your new Nordic Walking poles with integrated bayonet tip system with retractable, durable hollow-ground tungsten tip for optimal stability on country lanes, in the forest or cross-country.

You will find more information on FX-Carbon Nordic Walking Poles in the instruction manual.

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